Wolfson 52

A demolition and construction project of two adjacent buildings that face each other on a street corner - one facing Wolfson Street and the other facing Kongres Street, creating a residential space that connects the two streets into one charming and magnificent garden on Chelnov, in the heart of the Florentin neighborhood. The combined building is a 5-6 story building that includes garden apartments, trendy 2 and 3 room boutiques, and a pair of impressive penthouse apartments with a unique design that overlook the environment with huge sun balconies. The apartment layout responds to the high demand for small apartments in the area, suitable for the existing lifestyle in the surrounding environment and meeting the urban needs perfectly, with a rich specification and emphasis on privacy- a combination of large living spaces with a functional bedroom, and a bright sun terrace facing the street.

Wolsson 52 is an urban, ultra-modern village that combines human energy in a lively, internal park that sits in the heart of Florentin, one of Tel Aviv's trendy neighborhoods. The vibrant atmosphere and the magnificent Chelnov garden, makes it a sought-after location for those who seek an urban lifestyle in a green environment.

Pricing starting at 2,990,000 NIS


  • Automated Parking

  • Stroller Room

  • Bike room

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