LIVE's prestigious residential project at 9-11 Prof. Shor St., Tel Aviv, provides you with a high-quality living experience at a luxury standard and consideration of every detail in your new apartment.
Two entrances with a common tenant lobby that functions as a meeting and connection place, and an apartment house designed in a perfect living environment.
Landscaping and design of the building environment and apartments
Decorated garden apartments with a private garden.

The design of the Professor Shor 9-11 project is led by the "Rabin Architects" office, which specializes in structural construction, and deals with the design of new buildings, buildings for conservation, additions to existing buildings, planning public buildings on an urban scale and preparing city building plans. The office, founded by Mr. Omer Rabin, a graduate with honors from the Department of Architecture at Bezalel Academy, engraved on his banner planning and design without compromises that are reflected in the planning of the various spaces. Omer Rabin began his career at the office "Bar Orein Architects" and was a partner in formulating the architectural language for 12 For years, some of them as an associate architect, the firm has signed off on the implementation of countless buildings whose design quality is evident.


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  • Bike Racks

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